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Do You Have What it Takes?

Registration for the 2022 CTA Challenge will begin October 1, 2021

Registration/Entry Fee = $0

The registration application must be received no later than Friday, December 3, 2021 for the registrant to be included in the 2022 CTA Challenge.

- A CTA may not enter more than three (3) programs into the CTA Challenge

Complete the Registration Fields on this page to begin your application for the CTA Challenge. A member of the Coquest team will contact you for evaluation and to finalize the registration. Any questions can be directed to

Note: It is the sole responsibility of Participants who rely on sub-advisor programs to receive approval from the underlying manager prior to registration. In the event that the same program is entered through the sub-advisory structure and directly by the manager, only the manager's direct program will be accepted.

Please visit our Rules & Eligibility page to review all official information regarding the CTA Challenge.